For Coaches Who Are Ready to Make the Jump to a Six-Figure Practice!

“I’m already crushing my personal records for monthly coaching revenue.”

I’m part of some other masterminds, and nobody seems to be doing anything. We’re not even half way through the $100K Coach Mastermind, and I’m already crushing my personal records for monthly coaching revenue. This program totally works if you work it.” — Kim Keefe-Pisolkar, Mastermind Graduate, CEO of Small Biz, Big Breakthrough

Who Is This For?

    • You have the magnate mindset—you want to propel your business to a whole new level, and you will not be deterred by anything internal or external!
    • You understand the value of exclusive networking and structured masterminding with other coaches who are also thinking big.
    • You are not willing to let the Gremlin get in the way of your big business dream because you intend to make a SIGNIFICANT impact on the world.
    • You want to build a solid six-figure-plus business, and you see yourself as a change-agent in your niche.
    • You are willing to take direction, contribute to the growth of your peers, and become a leader in the coaching industry.
    • You want to catapult into the high-ticket coaching industry and move beyond a dollar-per-hour coaching model.
    • You want to go big or go home! Whether you’re new  or have been trying it your way for years, it’s time to learn from the best, jump into a new playing field, and become the CEO you were meant to be.
    • You aren’t interested in trying & failing your way to success—you’d rather be shown the “yellow brick road” that other successful coaches have walked!
    • You want a “Head Coach” for your coaching business so that you quit wasting money and time on all the random advice and programs flying your way 24/7.
    • You see opportunity in every experience, and you’re motivated by what you want to create in your business and in your life (rather than the fear of what will happen if you don’t)!
    • You want to build your business in a lifelong community rather than do it alone.

Is this you?


(Once you “Apply Now”, you will receive a downloadable brochure detailing dates,
features, and investment levels for this wave of the $100K Coach Mastermind.)

What $100K Mastermind Member Coaches Are Saying…

“Every time I describe all the features of this program to another, their jaw drops.”

There is flying the plane while you’re building it (walking your talk), being pure love, listening and intention for our greatness, getting our buy-in and holding us accountable to it. AND THEN…we have begun to model your behavior, and we are being that for each other.

Every time I describe all the features of this program to another, their jaw drops. And when I tell them how quickly you respond via text, email, Facebook and Portal, they are dumbfounded.

My confidence in my value has gone up significantly because I am better able to articulate to my prospect the pains they are experiencing and explain how I can more than make it go away as well as my process and the benefits they’ll experience…there’s no app for that. ;)”

— Jodi Flynn, Mastermind Graduate, CEO of Luma Coaching

“Mastermind is…to create a solid basis for a mode of operation.”

I have come to the awareness of how much work it is to keep the business going. I just assumed that once the business got up and going, that was all I needed to do. I now realize that it’s a continual process and the things we have learned will be used over and over again.

I think the mentality [for most coaches] is “If I just get it going, then I’ll be okay” or “Why pay that much just for a one-time deal?” [Marni’s] Mastermind is not just for getting started but to create a solid basis for a mode of operation.”

— Ron Meyer, Mastermind Graduate, CEO of Coaching the True You

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Do You Want This for Your Business?

“[Six days after enrolling in the program] I’m happy to report that as of today, I have made $10,000 this year with my individual one-on-one coaching clients. I am raising my business goal to be $25,000 by the end of 2014 and $100,000 in 2015! ~ Sarah C.

“Fabulous retreat! Thank you, Marni Battista! We are forever changed. Amazing things happening. ~ Kathy L.

“Thank you, Marni Battista, for creating such a positively amazing retreat! So excited to begin our journey toward each of us making that first $100K! ~ Kimberly K.

(You will also receive a brochure (PDF) detailing dates, features, and investment levels for this wave of the $100K Coach Mastermind.)

To Your Success, Marni Battista